On a verge of a civil war, after decadence


Tonight, as I switch on my laptop and start writing these few lines for the website I have been running for nearly a decade now, nothing comes to my mind. As if, everything that could be said concerning the collapsing French society had already been said. Despair and resignation are clearly what is left of the country of Napoleon and Moliere. But, there is nothing surprising, though. What else should we expect from a society that built its wealth and might on genocides that will unfortunately never be recognised as such? The life of my brothers and sisters from the French West Indies; my grand-fathers from Africa who during colonisation took part in forced labour without ever receiving a single penny, or any retirement pension, years later – not to mention, those from Cameroon who were simply exterminated- are the testimony and vivid proof that when the devil strikes there is no mercy. Please, do not think that I am just still, and again, bringing up a remote past that no one of us is responsible for. It is well-known: “history keeps on repeating itself”. Men do not change, they just evolve and become subtler. Hence, after colonisation, the cunning establishment of neo-colonialism. There are certain things that should never ever be forgotten, such as: the spoliation of most former French colonies, through the Franc CFA currency; as the only political system, dictatorship, through neatly plotted coups financed by France; the crimes committed by the same countries that proudly claim themselves to be the most technologically and economically advanced nations on earth, today. Indeed, those who have adopted and developed genocidal behaviour and culture are still at work. While most of our country fellow men in the Hexagon boast themselves over the social advantages and high salaries the country provides -willingly ignoring that such wealth is obtained at the stake of the lives of millions of Africans- we, the sons and the grandsons of the victims, now, in our turn, victim of a subtler ethnocide and genocide, have the duty to write and denounce the devilish spirit and values of our oppressors. So attached to their values and heritage are the latter, that trying to deter them from putting on the outfit of the devil has clearly become useless and unrealistic. Devilish acts are intrinsic to French values.  The genocides perpetrated by the French state can be noticed at a national, as well as at international level. Police errors systematically killing Blacks and North Africans in the most deprived cities and districts of France; family planning only targeting black people as in the French island of La Reunion, in the seventies; not to mention, the ethnocide mainly targeting Muslims. Here are the few crimes committed by the French government with the consent its population and for the sake their established social rights.

Complicity again, when in the news, it is proved that Lafarge, an important industrial and construction company, remained and dealt with terrorist groups in Syria long after it had been clearly stated that those it was contracting with were fighting the Syrian government to establish an Islamic State. The most surprising being also that the French public opinion did not seem to be the least bothered by such revelations. “What goes around comes around”, once said Malcolm X. What does it take for the French to understand that no one can create chaos, and misery outside the hexagon and expect peace, stability, or anything else positive at home? It is crystal clear that the attacks France has experienced these recent years, as well as the political disaster and turmoil staining the 2017 presidential election campaign, are nothing else but the fruits of the seeds the country continuously ploughs.

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