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The Second round of the French presidential election was just another joke that brought in power a man whose leadership few people only really wanted. The fear of extremism, incarnated, according to the mass media and the establishment by The National front and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s un-submissive movement, was the main explanation for Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the first and second round of the 2017 French presidential elections. “Everything, but not Marine” was the motto largely heard in in the Hexagon in the last two weeks of the presidential election’s campaign.

It is not the first time, and it will certainly not be the last time, that French people are robbed of their right to really chose the candidate whose leadership they want to be under. The promotion of the fear of terrorism and radical change has, for more than a decade now, been the main tool used by the system; meaning, the big corporation stirring, through the media, the strings of France economy, and consequently, of French social life.

In the last five years, the different terrorist attacks from which France suffered, mainly as a response to its interference and involvement in wars in Muslim -and more accurately in Arab- countries, have been used as arguments legitimating anti-Islamic rhetoric in the Hexagon. For months, islamophobia had become a national sport in the French media -with TV shows and newspapers fuelling hatred and fear. Thus, the Lepen family’s National Front had become a political party just like any other political formation.

Well done to the Rothschild family whose very creation has now clearly taken his seat on the French throne; sad story again for ethnic minorities and the working class who for many other decades will see their offspring condemned to remain in their respective social class, no matter how educated and hardworking they are.  The sad story of the French society is that the social lift -as it is commonly called in the Hexagon- has been out of service for more than three decades, with no ladder existing for anyone willing to change or just escape their social condition.

Unexpressed racism, that form of racism that is not uttered but that every conscious black person can feel in the so-called country of the Whiteman’s Human Rights, takes many forms. One example is poverty and Blacks social status in France. Due to discrimination in employment, as in all spheres of the French society, poverty has also been racialized, to the point that as a black person, when you first enter a shop, the first reflex of the shop owner or assistant is to have a close eye on you; as if, stealing and robbery were the only ways people of your kind acquired goods. For the luckiest ones, though, those who look too shy and inoffensive to be taken for thieves, the cheapest version of each coveted item will be advised or suggested; as if, being Black meant being in the incapacity to offer oneself things at a normal or expensive price.

These are mindsets largely spread in France, to the point that many are those who take it for a given fact that, wherever you are in the world, Blackness rhymes with poverty and misery.

I hear this morning that President-elect, Emmanuel Macron, will be forming his first government in the coming days. Who will he be governing with? That is the big question. The political scums are out, turning their jacket around -as we say in French- to be part of the new political family that will emerge from the 39 years old new president’s political success. The very same who made French suffer during the Hollande presidency might be given, once again, the keys enabling them to deceit the 66 million dumb French citizens who again, let such thing happen.

But let us not be too quick in criticism; at least, not before the names of the different people selected to be part of the new government are known.

One thing is, however, sure. Taking into consideration the people who, from day one, backed and supported the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron, his election as the eighth president of the fifth republic also means that the shameful story of French Imperialism and exploitation of the darker people in the world and within the Hexagon is still a long live story.


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