About us



“Look around. Stay open-eyed.”


Who is an AnOpenEye ?


            An Open Eye is an association of French postgraduate and PhD students interested in international relations, diplomacy and politics, but also in world communities and diversity, in all the senses and shapes it may embody in our global world.


            We, entitled redactors or minor collaborators for AnOpenEye, consider ourselves as the members of a French urban community, but also of a wider world entity willing to share ideas, statements, meaningful moments of life experience or pieces of academic work on French and international society. AnOpenEye will expose on a regular basis analyses, comments and opinions while expecting reactions, rebounds and impulses, in the framework of a local or wider international dialogue, open to pacific and constructive contributions in which everyone will find a voice.


            We created AnOpenEye as a party-free, independent space of expression that we hope to become a pacific tool of dialogue. On the long run, we hope it to become a media workshop of ideas and ideals, mixing up world voices, from the greater to the smaller contributions.


What we believe


            We believe that news reporting must take into account the voices of everyone, regardless of social or cultural background, personal life experience, skin colour and religion, and that not only the main national media can have a role in promoting a diversity of voices, but also the civil society, associations, communities, interest groups and individuals.


            We believe that cultural, ethnic, social and religious prejudices can be fought and weakened through pacific dialogue and through the debates and exchange of ideas we will personally promote through this website, with the contributions of our audience.


            We believe that it is the role of civil society to help promoting a new type of awareness regarding today’s threats in terms of cultural differences, world peace, ecology and whatever topic our audience will find interesting to debate upon.


            We believe that for the sake of dialogue and the promotion of a pacific debate of ideas, this space of expression should remain free from any kind of ideological influence, whether it be political parties, lobbies, or any other form of upper instance. We will thus prevent any form of political influence to bend the editorial platform of this autonomous media space.


            AnOpenEye is a non-lucrative media website that is kept alive by the collaboration of a group of students and young professionals investing their time and energy on a voluntarily basis.