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Here, we are; ready for the battle to come. A duel that will leave only one victorious. The one who for five years will be given the keys of the French Elysee Palace will also rule over most African countries. It is clear now that the commander in chief in France has, since the independences, always been the one who mostly decides on the African continent. As a French citizen of Black West African descent, taking part in that fight involves, for me, the inclusion in my diary of the ten minutes’ walk to get to my former primary school, where on two consecutive Sundays, in the month of April, the voting booth will be awaiting my contribution to French democracy. But, obviously enough, because France, like a whore, is a democracy that hardly respects herself, I might not give her that delight. It has, indeed, been long ago since I have understood that this is “a Whiteman’s world, a Whiteman’s world, that would be nothing, without any Black or other coloured man’s work”.  Why vote, indeed? Let the Whiteman fight each other; and let their very land, dirty and stinky, collapse for ever.  (I know I am quite disturbing here; but that is the purpose, lol)

Four weeks ago, Francois Fillon, one of the cleanest among all pig politicians in the Hexagon, was finally chosen to represent the French conservative party known as Les Republicains. If the latter’s integrity is well known and respected, it is his ultra-liberal and capitalistic political project that scares the less wealthy and above all those struggling every month to make ends meet.  Four days after Fillon’s victory within the Conservative party, his namesake, who has been ruling the country for nearly five years now, was announcing that he would not seek re-election when his presidential mandate finishes in May 2017. His Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has obviously decided to compete with other socialist politicians to know who among them will represent the party at the next presidential elections.

To tell you the truth, today’s socialist party is nothing more than a bunch of racist, paternalistic and islamophobic brainless politicians, more focused on making business and building themselves a rich and long political career. They do not at all care about the nation and its positive development. There is no doubt that with Francois Holland’s decision not to run for a second mandate, it has become difficult for the French left to defend the balance sheet of the politics they have been carrying out for the last five years.   

But, I am not pessimistic, though. These harsh words of mine are just the expression of someone who, really, wants to see things change in vain. I am revolted; just like the one and only candidate to the French election who, I think, could make things change for real. Far from all prognostics, Jean Luc Melenchon could be the big surprise of the 2017 presidential elections. The far-left candidate is from far the most educated candidate to run for the 2017 presidential election, so far. The foreign policy he intends to put into place is also a distinctive split from the imperialistic and murderous policies France has always known -except for 2003, when Dominique De Villepin’s government refused to take part in the war in Iraq. According to Jean Luc Melenchon, France has to move to the 6th Republique. Because, I, personally, identify myself with the national project he proposes, he is the only one I could be voting for. But, meanwhile, I observe and analyse his different discourses and positions, just to reassure myself that he, really, is the choice for the French nation not to collapse and restore its dignity.


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