The French Obamania….


The democrat candidate Barack Obama is on tour in Europe. After some few days spent in the Middle East, he arrived on Thursday in Berlin where he was due to deliver a speech in front of tens of thousands of people chanting his famous slogan: “yes, we can”. Barack Obama made his foreign policy view clear once again: No more war in Iraq and greater military focus in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His visit in Paris yesterday was a short one, just on his way to the UK. Many specialists are pondering on the reasons of his short stay in the capital; where, nevertheless, the Obamania seems much stronger than else where in Europe. A survey published by the American institute “Pew Research Center” stated on 16th July 2008 that 84% of French people supported Obama against 33% for Mc Cain. The opinion poll also showed that 82% in Germany, 74% in Britain, and 72% in Spain favoured the same candidate against his Republican opponent. If Barack Hussein Obama appears as a model

or even as a symbol of hope for many youngsters in France; it is more than obvious that had he been born a French citizen with the same name, things would have been completely different for him. This fact is as true as the many committees supporting him and led by ethnic minorities were refused the entrance to the Elysee for the banquet given in his honour; while, on the other hand, the members of the only committee supporting him and led by a white French man could attend the festivities. This French hypocrisy and two-speed justice regarding its ethnic minorities may for sure explain the reason why Barak Obama’s short stay in the capital was also much appreciated. Many ethnic minorities living in the French ghettos could indeed see in it, a form of boycott of the nation for its vivid hypocrisy and racism. It is high time the French major political parties open their eyes and started drawing the conclusion and picturing the hypocrisy of the French Obamania.

By Dr. Moustafa Traore

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