The First month of 2009 has come to an End


The first month of 2009 has come to an end. Politically speaking, it has been one of the hottest months of January as far as my thirty-six-year-old mind can remember. Recession has been knocking at every nation’s door with crises at all levels; political, financial as well as social. Within a month outmost traumas, doubts and fears have been heard as echoes of the previous century’s difficulties, sufferings and atrocities. But fortunately enough the first month of 2009 has come to an end, leaving behind the nightmares of another holocaust, with the former victims being the new executioner and torturer. Everyone knows it but dares not utter a word for fear of being pointed out as anti-Semitic. Once again, the victims are made responsible for their fate and sufferings. Some will for sure have to answer the many questions for such atrocities. What is much more than a holocaust has no name; for to the eyes of the leaders of the most powerful nations on Earth, the ones slaughtered and massacred are no human beings and do not deserve any justice. Let’s just hope the big shock the war in Gaza provoked within the French population will for once be heard by Mr Sarkozy whose Mediterranean Union plan appears as mere hypocrisy considering his position on the Middle

East issue.

By Dr. Moustafa Traore