The benefits of “Paris Plage”

Summer time in Paris means another “Paris plage” experience for those dwelling or visiting the capital during the summer. The end of July is now well known for being the period when the seaside comes to meet the people in the capital. The concept was launched seven years ago. It consists in organising and creating a seaside atmosphere all along the Seine River in Paris. The purpose of such an initiative was first to offer the many Parisians who could not afford real holidays the possibility to feel as if they were somewhere different far from pollution; a sensation of travelling without moving. No cars along the Seine River, but just sunshades, palm trees and sand.

The initiative has been so successful that many other French and European cities have decided to try the experience. Such is the case for cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Prague or Metz. Thanks to the present Mayor of Paris and the socialist Party at the origin of the initiative, the capital during summer time is displaying a new pollution free face. But more than that, the project has the merit of bridging the gap between people from different social classes, and backgrounds. It seems that all types of families are now joining in without distinction. And this has been more obvious since the extension of the initiative to the 19th district of Paris in 2007. It is no longer the posh and touristic parts of the capital only benefitting from it, but also the poor and deprived areas of the North East well known for its social issues. At “Paris Plage” there are hundreds of outdoor activities for the great delight of the children.

The “Paris Plage” project is very ambitious as the new initiative that consists into bringing culture within the artificial beaches proves it. For the third consecutive year “Flammarion Publishing Company” is taking part in the initiative offering books and magazines to those relaxing and enjoying summer time on the artificial beach. The books can be hired provided an ID card is presented in exchange. Some of the books for hire are brand new ones not even official released in the market. Through such an initiative “Flammarion Publishing Company” is not only promoting reading but promoting as the well the books that are about to be released for the new academic year. This is what we call mixing marketing with culture.

This summer operation has a cost financed by private and public funds. The money coming from the sponsorships and the many cafés and bars alongside the artificial beach is with no doubt the main assets for the success of this initiative that has become a true cultural feature of the French capital in summer.

By Sitafa