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I am taking my pen again to express what part of the unheard masses of France feel. It expels the pain,

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they say, to express what disturbs and renders you pessimistic about life. This winter will unfortunately, I am sure, be remembered as one of the most shameful for French politicians of both sides. To start with, the month of December and January were the illustration of how comedy and drama have always been the best weapons to denounce and challenge through mockery any arbitrary system. The legacies of Molière and William Shakespeare have not only survived across time, they are also still genuinely used to open the eyes of the masses on the hypocrisy and crimes perpetrated on our names and at the stake of the lives of millions of innocent peoples; quenelles of our Western governments.

Because it is election time today, I find it interesting and my duty to send this message, so that when in front of the ballot box every single citizen entitled to vote is informed and concerned about what their vote involves, not only at local level but also for other peoples living on the other side of the globe. International politics matters much more than our personal daily concerns, especially in societies whose wealth was solely acquired through the massacre, exploitation and alienation of many others. No dish tastes nice when you know that it was stolen or that it contributes in starving other people.

When looking at all the wars and troubles devastating many countries on the globe today, I without doubt feel sad and even appalled at the discovery that behind the despairs and broken lives there nearly always is the smelly hand of the country I was born in.

The Libyan Case

The suffering of the Libyan people and the destruction of their nation for the sake of an imposed democracy masking the anarchical system enabling our western economies to regain momentum is a French piece of work. The question I am asking the reader is: Are Libya and the Libyans better today than under Muhammar Khadafy? There is no doubt that thanks to French philosopher, Bernard Henri Levy’s campaign in favour of the bombing of Libya, the country is today in a complete chaos with many lives suppressed and the oil pumps at full range and speed for the sake our Western economies. In other words what was disastrous for them has revealed itself

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hugely judicious for us.

The Syrian Case

Not far from there, but just a bit further east; the rebels fighting against the official army in Syria are French bred terrorists who have been fooled and equipped in their fiery by the number one cheese producer in the world. If things, however, go as planned, in some few weeks’ time the rebels of Syria won’t be no more. And I ask the reader: “What will then become of the so called ‘provisionary’ government of Syria that was strangely recognized by the West and the hypocritical states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Much could, indeed, be said against the Saudis who through their actions, and geo-political positions and interferences seem to excel in transforming the image of a holy country into that of the dwelling of a satanic people financing all wars on earth. “Saudis & Co! Let me tell you this: ‘you are the real enemies of Islam; using Islam to achieve your solely and purely imperialist goal!’”

The Syrian case has also revealed how fake and contradictory the French values of Liberté, égalité, Fraternité are. It is indeed the first time I have witnessed rebels and thugs -fighting not only the official government but also one another- being recognized as a legitimate force and government. If that is a good and progressive thing, I wish France the same fate.

The Malian case

Let’s now move back to the African continent, where the planned partition of Mali, and the feet and hand chopped that followed were all orchestrated from the French Parliament in Paris. I repeat it again and again: The separatist movement known as the MNLA, which, in an attempt to divide the country, associated itself for a while with terrorists is a French NGO. Unlike my crew and I, all from the 19th district of Paris, the MNAL was given the opportunity to express itself on the French TV channel “France24”, on prime time, where it declared the partition of the country in 2012. The headquarters of the organization is, of course, located in Paris. Giving the political power to the Tuaregs in the North of Mali is for France the best assurance of the possibility to secretly exploit the resources of the country at the stake of the vast majority of its inhabitants; and once again what is good for us is bad for that West African country. This argument explains the reason why France and the UN urge the Malian government to negotiate peace and autonomy with the MNLA. “Shame on all the activists in France and elsewhere, who very often through intellectual laziness and dishonesty denounce the French military intervention in Mali but do not say a word on the attitude and responsibility of the puppet of the latter: the Tuaregs of the MNLA. These very activists are real and genuine unconscious “negrophobics”.

The Central African Republic

Elsewhere, in the Central African Republic, to be more precise; genocide is encouraged and organized under the French ruling, using alienated Africans against other Africans on the grounds of ethnicity and religion. Disarming the Muslim minority to indirectly hand them to the Christian majority and watching them be slaughtered is a nice illustration of French impartiality and knowledge on how to bring peace in contentious regions. And here again, it is obvious that the more problematic the situation is, the more justified and necessary the French occupation will appear. No need to mention here that the French control of one of the richest regions of Africa is an excellent business for our declining economy: “What is only good for us is for sure not good for the others; but who really cares?”

The Ukrainian case

The African continent and the Middle East are not the only regions of the world suffering at the hand of the West and particularly France. The political crisis in Ukraine and Crimea is a Western coup with France in a flagship role. The same technique used previously in Syria is again used against Ukraine with the recognition of the opposition and protesters as the legitimate government. Our refusal to recognize the referendum and the return of Crimea to Russia is another illustration of our incoherence when it comes to the notion of democracy. But of course, weakening Russia implies integrating the whole of Ukraine as part of the EU and NATO; and forcibly what is bad for Russia can only

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be good for us.

All the facts mentioned above leave me perplexed regarding the local elections taking place today. I find it difficult to cast my vote for a government, political party, or team that for the sake of our economy and power of domination over other countries legitimates our perpetrated massacres at the stake of millions of lives. Unlike the French common conception of what is good and bad, I conceive Common Good as the only solution and acceptable philosophy. In other words, what is good for us is good for us only and provided it is also good and in the interest of other peoples. A quick look at the leaflets of the candidates standing for the local elections gives me an idea of both the different political parties they represent and their main concerns. There is no doubt that the concept of Common Good is more than absent in the agenda of most wannabe mayors of the 19th district of Paris.

As I make my way towards the voting

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booth, it becomes clear that my vote will be the expression of a more global vision of politics and also the condemnation of all the political parties that back or support French’s interferences in other countries’ matters. I also invite the reader of these few lines to do the same.

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