Is the internet really dangerous?









I belong to this generation of people born just a couple of years before the arrival of the internet. “Is the internet really dangerous?” is the question I am asking myself. To find an answer I decided to do a research on the subject. Here is what I discovered.

The international Network, began as the ARPANET in 1969, during the cold war and was developed by the US department of defense. Nowadays, the internet covers the globe and it is used by every one of us (doctors, lawyers, students …). But, most of us only see the bad side of this fantastic device. Indeed, the internet is very much criticized by parents (for example) who are very anxious because their children are very exposed to the

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internet. Also, I found that it tends to make people more antisocial and very addicted.

But here is what I think. The problem doesn’t come from the internet but rather from the rise of individualism. As a student from University located in Paris, I’m very often facing the bad temper/behaviour of people in the French underground for example. No one ever talks to anyone. No, it’s not a myth, people in big cities aren’t very nice! On the contrary, internet allows us to meet people that we would never meet otherwise, or let’s say it; it also allows us to keep in touch with friends who now live far away from us. A study has shown that nowadays most dating start either at the work or on the web. Of course we must differentiate the latter form of dating from that of real life. But globally, internet helps us to be more open towards others.

I totally disagree with the statement that the internet is more dangerous than useful. I think that the web has more advantages than drawbacks. Okay, there are lots of problems with the web and we have to be

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very careful but, isn’t it like that everywhere? There are dangers all around us. And as to the children, I think their parents should use parental control device and also put a password in the family computers. The web provides the opportunity to find any information or to buy anything in no time and regardless the distance.

We all spend about 10 hours a week on line, which is not surprising since we can do everything using the internet. In France, according to an article that was published in Le Point ( March, 9, 2012), the internet could help the creation of 450 000 jobs by 2015 which represents 129 billion euros. Much more than a hobby, the internet has become a necessity.


Laura Perez is currently studying Law and Politics at Villetaneuse University in Paris

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