French recolonisation and what should be done




It is funny to see how things you sometimes say without being a hundred percent sure reveal themselves to be right. I remember having a conversation with my dad some years ago just after the 2008 financial crisis that hit the US and Europe. My statement and analysis was that ‘knowing no other means to build wealth and prosperity, Western nations, and particularly France, would try to re-colonise some of the richest countries in the Southern hemisphere that also happen to be the most poorly administrated’. Spoliation, exploitation, and even genocides, provided that France could resume with economic growth, was, I was convinced, an exclusive French ‘savoir faire’. Unlike India, or again China, most Western countries have indeed accumulated their wealth through the exploitation and massacre of other people they judged of a lesser race.

The case of Mali is not very different from what any country suffering French neo-colonialism experiences. The current so called crisis of Mali, which started in 2012 with some ethnic groups partitioning half of the country, followed by the military occupation of France and international forces falsely pretending to bring stability, is a perfect illustration of the aforesaid statement.

May I remind you that the declaration of independence of the Northern part of Mali was first claimed in France, on a French  channel. by a French journalist and actor? It was France again who decided on its own to come to the rescue of Mali, allegedly because according to the information sent by its satellites, the old nation was about to be conquered by some Islamists willing to impose the Charia law on the whole country.

But, how can it be explained that after chasing away the terrorists groups in Northern Mali the French refused the Malian government and army  to enter the liberated zones? Why is it that the new French President -whose first international trip was in the  country that is at the heart of all West African civilisations- declared in July 2017 that the reform on the Malian constitution would take place, no matter whatever happens?

The Malian people clearly won a first victory last Saturday with the suspension of the constitutional reform. It is however no time to drop one’s guard. The day has come for the descents of the Ghana Empire, the Malian Empire, the Songhai Empire and the sons and daughters of all the ex-kingdoms of the region, to use this victory and momentum gained to force the Malian government to impose on its partners the respect of a deadline for the re-establishment of the Malian sovereignty on the whole territory. This must be the condition for the partners of Mali to be allowed to stay in the country. Mali does not need any foreign forces falsely pretending to help, while in fact, instability and chaos in African nations have always been their first objective and interest.

The means of protest are many for the Malian people to reach their goal. Occupations and sit-ins in the French embassy and other French institutions or businesses must be privileged to force the Malian puppet government to impose on its masters the Malian population’s demand of real freedom and sovereignty.

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