Election Time is coming, “Who Am I going to vote for?”



Happy New Year, everyone! Here we are, at last in 2012; with one “A” missing in the economic grading of our country. But, is not the fact that 2011 is now behind us the most important thing? 2011 was not an easy year with all its wars, economic downturns, sex scandals and bewildering debates over what some see as the Islamisation of the French society. Hopefully, the coming elections in the US but also in France will create opportunities for the masses in general to make their own voice heard, once for all. I personally sometimes ask myself: “Shall I vote for kind of continuation of the same political system orchestrated by the same recurrent puppets or rather vote for a complete collapse of an old and unfair system that makes any conscious citizen feel ashamed of the past, present, historical, cultural and political heritage of his country?” I do not really know what my choice will be; yet, one thing is sure, a choice will have to be made by May 2012.

As it was once put to me by a student in international politics and diplomacy, who, just like me, happened to live in the city of Coventry in the UK, “the game seems to be over for Western European countries”. For sure, the 21st century will be that of those who lived in that part of the world we called the third world, decades ago. As if the old complex of superiority we had in the western world over southern countries, in general, had finally led us to take certain supremacy for granted and therefore developed in us a culture of laziness.

In countries such as France, the financial and economic crisis that exists, coped with most revolutions in the Arab world is, in an economic as well as in a cultural point of view, nothing else but the pure display of the limits of western imperialism. There is no doubt today that the regime changes planned by the West in order to spread and impose western values in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and why not Egypt and Tunisia have proved to be counterproductive in a Western point of view.

The economic emergence of countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, and the refusal by many other nations to adopt western values are today vivid signs of the decline of what is known around the world as white supremacy. 2012 with its many crises, let’s say it, may be a historical turning point with the ex-colonial empires coming down to their knees

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and the ex-colonies getting, at last, to real and complete independence.

So when asked the question, “Who are you going to vote for?” as a citizen of the world and an activist still and always longing for more justice and equity, I prefer to answer “for any system or anything that could bring the complete collapse of the established order.” Yes, as pointed out by many head of states and renowned politicians, a new order is more than needed; yet, lest the same mistakes be repeated again and again, that new order should not be that of the imperialists and ex-colonial powers.


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