When the fight against imperialism blinds your senses


Will the year 2013 be better than that of 2012? No one knows, yet I have doubts. For the first time ever in my short life my two countries are engaged in a war against what they regard as their common enemies. In January this year, it was more than close to one before Mali, the country where through my parents the whole story of mine started, was totally wiped out from the world’s map, had it not been for the French intervention.

I wrote a lot about it last year and as a Malian I was sad even though proud as a scientist to see that my analysis and expertise on the issue finally revealed itself to be right. Since the day the rebels, terrorists or whatever it pleases the commentators to call them made their declaration of independence on a French channel, it appeared clear to me that Great Mali as it was commonly known within the community was no more. In March 2012 the MNLA – the national movement for the liberation of The Azawad– an organization that

benefited from French aid and whose headquarter is located in Paris, decided to declare the Northern part of Mali their new independent country after they were given a green light by the French authorities and politicians.

For France the strategy was clear: dealing with a minority that would detain political power in the North, could only but facilitate the extraction and exploitation of the resources of the new constituted state at the stake of the majority of its population. No wonder that France, the pyromaniac fireman, as everything proves it, makes me feel ashamed of the identity card that I more than often carry in my inside pockets.

More than the Harkis from the Algerian war, or the Kurds from Turkey, or again any other stateless people, the touaregs of the MNLA through the Malian crisis, have finally revealed themselves at the lowest step on the ladder of the human race. The pacts and covenants signed with France in the beginning of the hostilities, then with terrorist groups and now their wish to collaborate with the French army and against the terrorists in the re-conquest of the Malian territory are nothing more than vivid proofs of the Touaregs of the MNLA unworthiness of being seriously included in any nation. I can also hear, here and there, some smelly mouth activists, without any single knowledge of the context and situation in Mali denouncing the crimes committed by the French army, as if the Touaregs of the MNLA and their terrorist friends were saints with clean hands who had come in the region on the request and for the interest of the Malians. The crimes the MNLA and its partners committed on the deprived population of Mali justify the satisfaction I feel today in front of the campaign that may be recorded in history as the starting point of their wiping out from the region. Besides, I can already hear some Malian voices advocating that being recolonized by the French is far much better,

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acceptable than becoming the slaves of the Touaregs of the MNLA and other Arabs. When looking at the atrocities inflicted to the black man throughout history, it is funny to notice that if the Whiteman has always been the guiltiest, some Arabs and Touaregs in Africa have also always been at the origin of what legitimated or at least made the Whiteman’s crime less outrageous. I am not under illusion though. I clearly understand that the silliness of those most Malians considered as part of the family has once again resulted in the success of the imperialists’ plan of reconquering its former colonies for the sake and survival of their economy.

In other words, it seems that history keeps on repeating itself. And I will add that if re-colonisation of Mali there is by the imperialists, Malians from Bamako and other places should first blame it on their own incapacity to get organized. The Malian devastating habit of favouring corruption and personal enrichment at the stake of their own motherland, besides their unwillingness to rely on their true values instead of that of the Whiteman are without doubt the true reasons for what could become the new form enslavement inflicted on them from the hands of “Papa” François Holland.

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