What if in reality the present financial crisis dated back to the independences?

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As 2010 is coming to its end, a silent revolution is also slowly taking place, not only in France but also in the whole world. In the era of the internet it seems that every single sociological or economic phenomenon is to be observed at an international scale. What was known as the Greek crisis some 3 years ago has now revealed itself to be of no particular nationality. The attempts to isolate the plague through genuine words have also revealed themselves of no avail; and we now speak of an international crisis. Northern Ireland and Portugal are the first nations within the European Union to have been forced against their will to reveal their crystal clear bankruptcy. For sure, many other nations will follow.

Here and there, in the whole of Europe and in the US different, peoples are victims of austerity plans; economic measures they had long thought were only proper to developing countries. In the West demonstrations against the cost of life have also become more recurrent in the second decade of the twenty first

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Meanwhile, some southern nations, somehow affected too by the credit crunch that first took roots in the United States, seem to take advantage of the situation. From the G8 meetings the most influential nations have now passed to G20 meetings. And we also hear

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in the news that China has now become the second economic power, while India is now part of the seven first economic powers in the world. If in the Western world the present crisis is felt as a devastating plague, there is no doubt that for some of the nations in the southern hemisphere, it is a positive revolution – just like the French Revolution of 1789 that saw the execution of the French monarch is regarded by most people as a positive landmark in the French history. We hear today in the French news that China, not long ago depicted as part of the axe of evil, is now concerned with the crisis affecting the Euro Zone and willing to help the latter. (http://www.20minutes.fr/article/642625/economie-la-chine-inquiete-crise-zone-euro ).

For nations, in general, the loss of ground at an economic level often goes along with that of culture. And this, certainly explains, according to specialists such as John McWhorter, the cultural decline of some European nations (http://www.20minutes.fr/article/642501/culture-faut-il-encore-apprendre-francais-etats-unis).

But what, if as once pointed out by the African leader Thomas Sankara in 1986, this new crisis, like many others before, was nothing else but the mere consequence of the entering into an enlightenment era from the part of nations and peoples that once considered their exploitation and enslavement as a fatality? There seems to be crisis only when the poorest section of the population or those usually exploited start asking for wealth to be more fairly shared. In other words crisis “has always existed for the poorest section of the population and the exploited ones” explained Thomas Sankara before he was finally silenced forever.

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