Liberté, Egalité, fraternité or the French incoherence








A friend of mine asked me to write about the French football team during the Euro cup. Many things could be said indeed on the subject. But at the same time what I would write if I decided to, could be just another display of the French incoherence. As a kid I remember marveling in front the

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bad temper and sometimes bad behavior of John McEnroe on the Rolland Garos tennis court. He was not my best tennis player, I would even add far from it. But it was undeniable that on the green TV screen he was the one making the show. McEnroe was fined many times in his athlete career, but in no occasion was the fuss made around his temper or misbehavior in the media associated or linked to his backgrounds, origins or culture as it seems to be the case with some of the football players in the French national team. To take a more resent case, it is also funny to see that when some handball players in the French team destroy the scenery of a TV show during the Olympics, nothing is said in the news to condemn such behavior or link it with the social, ethnic or cultural backgrounds of the players. It is difficult to see in these different treatments of the French media where the slogans and principles of Liberté, égalité, fraternité are applied.

What to say again of a country that panics when some few Chinese investors buy some French vineyards in the Bourgogne region, while everyone finds it normal to find a large amount of French investors in countries as remote as South Africa, Australia, and many other African countries where these investments are far from being profitable to the local populations?,vin-bourgogne-chinois-nuits-saint-georges-vosne-romanee-dijon-pascal-chevigny,10340,4025375.asp

The French incoherence in sports, business is however light when compared with that experienced by the Romani community. It is only but recently that I personally came to the knowledge that some specific laws that forbade the Romani community to do certain jobs in the country that self-proclaimed itself the country of human rights, by excellence. I am not going to hide that had I been myself from the Romani community, I would have probably given myself to begging and stealing in order to survive in a country where some official laws restricting my employment exist. And because every government or political system is the reflection of the population it governs, there is no doubt again that had I been a Romani, I would have felt anger towards all these citizens who because of a lack of knowledge on the true living conditions of my community are indifferent, arrogant towards us when they do not despise us. It is especially against the French Ethnic minorities that I would have expressed my anger most. Those who in a lesser degree, informally experience the same kind of discrimination, but because of the brain washing they went through in the education system and through television reproduce the same form of racism, of despise, and arrogance towards the Romani community are the worst when it comes to depicting, and unfairly treating them.

Anyone visiting Paris for a few days will have at least once witnessed the scene of some Romani getting on the train to start begging a few euros and some Negroes and Rabza -as they are commonly known in Paris- making all kinds of faces and even pinching their nose to express their embarrassment and despise towards the members of the community they feel slightly superior to.

That is not surprising I admit in the country where, to follow Norwegian Breivik’s thought and philosophy, the words community and multiculturalism appear as swear words incompatible with the values of what a European country such as France should be. Unfortunately such is the French Republique, I may say. It somehow explains my reluctance towards a system that, through its many institutions, be it education or the French national sports teams, seems stained with the same ingredients that brought the whole country to its knees some 70 years ago.


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