Referendum in Turkey



Last week, the Turkish people backed up a referendum in Turkey with view to bringing Turkey in line with EU, which the government wants to join.

The referendum aims at diverting from the military era constitution. It was reported that 58% have answered yes to the reforms proposed.

The referendum was put in

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place by P Erdogan, who welcomed the result as it shows confidence of the people in his leadership in the wake of next year’s elections. The referendum’s results shored up Mr Erdogan Politcal standing, especially after the opposition accused him and his party(AKA) to be willing to control the Judiciary.

The opposition are claiming that 2 of the 26 amendments would give Mr Erdogan excessive control over the judiciary and that it is a back door Islamist coup.

The USA welcomed the referendum. So did the European Union.

Mr Obama called Mr Erdogan to congratulate him. The white House said that the president “acknowledged the vibrancy of Turkey’s democracy as reflected in the turnout for the referendum that took place around turkey ”.

In a statement German foreign minister said “the discussion in society, also about concrete form of balance of power

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in the state, is very much to be welcomed”

The Turkish President, Abdullah Gul draws attention to the importance that turkey be united: “The public has the final say in democracies. I would

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like to remind everyone to welcome the results with respects and maturity”

The present military junta styled constitution was drawn up 30 years ago. The reform package included 26 amendments. The EU has backed most of the reforms.

For instance Military personnel will be able to be tried by civilian courts or sacked military officers will be allowed to challenge the dismissal.

Gender equality will be improved, and a ban on discrimination against children and the old will be put in place.

Also civil servants will be given the right to conclude collective agreements and go on strike

Another reform will lift the immunity from prosecution for the leaders of the bloody 1980 Military takeover

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