An encounter with “L`intégration de la culture Islamique en grande Bretagne”

Several articles and studies that I have come across, lack the scientific objectivity and analysis of an academic work. These pieces of work were often written by westerners who are either politicians massaging the ego of the many frustrated xenophobes or pschycologists mainly considering everything different as abnormal. Subsequently, the topic of integration as a modern social phenomenon has never been methodically covered as in a university thesis like in “L`integration de La culture musulmane en Grande Bretagne “by Dr Mustafa Traore.

Due to the exigency of academic work, this study leaves no room for any biased ideas or subjective thought. As a result, we have the privilege to witness the materialization of a great journalistic work illustrated throughout the three chapters of the book covering

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more than 200 pages in a unique style; scientific yet enjoyable and entertaining.

In a careful approach the “Integration of muslin culture” as a social fact in today’s western society; its difficulties, its success or failure are covered thoroughly from all possible angles, in a pragmatic manner with great depth and honesty. The writer in an implicit way is constantly in dialogue with the reader. Every possible reflection or question of the reader is anticipated. As a matter of fact, there was not a question, nor a query that came to my mind, that I did not find the answer in the following paragraphs, chapters, or better, in the next lines.

I felt transported through different technical religious and legal issues in an exceptionally

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gentle and easy approach. Many of the misperceptions and ready-made views about Islam are also exposed brilliantly, without any apparent interference.

For a study purpose, our writer took a meticulous attention in choosing his interviewees. Like in an entertaining novel, the writer managed to utilise the characters’ accents and cultural background in a great analytical effort. Based on study and field research, the interviewees’ experiences, perceptions and observations are shaped beautifully in a remarkable academic work.

Djilali bellahsene

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