4 more years for what?







The slogan “4 more years” was on everyone’s mouth a bit more than a month ago; even on the mouth of those who do not regularly brush

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their teeth in the morning as we commonly say it in West Africa. What was not uttered, though, is the answer to the question “four more years for what?” I am no Obamaseptic but I just have a different reading of the last four years of his presidency.

In 2008, following the election in the United States of the first American president of African descents, the enthusiasm and hopes of many Africans were soon replaced by bewilderment and despair, as most prosperous and stable African nations were unexpectedly infiltrated and lured into revolutionary moods at the stake of the African populations, and once again for the sake of the West’s interests.

My message is clear: I see Obama as not at all a change compared to his predecessor when it comes to foreign policy. And nobody will deny the fact that there are today more wars in the world than under the previous administration. When I hear here and there some saying that he had to follow a certain agenda to make sure he could be reelected and that for his second mandate he will probably at last reveal himself and try to implement a policy of justice, I feel sad for all those who unfortunately passed away under US bombs and won’t witness the change, if that happens to be true.

But as history belongs to those who write it, as we say; I am not much surprised to hear the whole brain washed world rejoicing itself on the results of the US presidential elections. Most African French even seem to forget and forgive the crimes and acts of injustice committed on the name of the white man’s supremacy and democracy, under the pretense that this time, their leader is black. And as enchanted by black magic, everyone sings the same song, even the dishonest racists who want to appear politically correct and on the right fringe have suddenly become obamaniac.

I am not completely pessimistic though. Let me tell you now, what gives me hope. Here again I have a completely different reading from that of most of my contemporaries. While every single citizen in the European Union worries about the aforesaid current crisis that destabilizes our economic system, I personally rejoice myself over this very collapse that I describe as the reflection and announcement of the end of the white man’s supremacy. And I ask you to ponder the question: Does what we call an unprecedented crisis have the same meaning and effect in countries such as Qatar, China, Brazil, India, Ghana and many other non-white countries? The answer is obviously “No!”. My conclusion is clear: the current crisis has its explanation in the fact that there are now some emerging countries creating and attracting more wealth than the nations that got theirs through imperialism and colonialism, or in other words through slavery, genocides and unfair exploitation. The solution is also clear, then: anyone resenting and willing recognition or reparation for the injustices committed by the West throughout the centuries should contribute to strip it off of its wealth.

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