A Bit of pessimism to start the New Year!


There is a strange atmosphere in the streets of Paris as New Year’s Eve approaches. This is the period when in most West European cities, those who have spent a whole year

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living without rules and as both slaves of the system and of their own condition give themselves new objectives and targets, they will here again only try to follow during the first weeks of the new year. Too many “Merry Christmas!” and too many “Happy New Year!” in perspective even for those well aware that in these days of economic crisis, their future is more than ever counted and already condemned.

In some of the countries in the southern hemisphere, the Consumer Confidence Index is however said to be at its highest; which, also, reminds me the late Thomas Sankara’s words: “there is only crisis when the poor starts asking for his share”. What, indeed, if the economic emergence of part of what we used to look at as the third world was, among other things, one of the explanations for the economic hardship the western world finds itself plunged in today? In the

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last decades, the emergence of China as an economic superpower also led to the economic development of many raw material supplying countries. Also, with economic booms in countries such as Dubai, Qatar or again Turkey, it seems that the new Eldorado is more likely to be found in the East than anywhere else on the globe.

But, I remain convinced that the future and success of these new emerging economies will depend on their capacity and ability to deal with the ex or neo-colonial powers. To tell the truth, I am even a bit pessimistic. Many Arab or so called Muslim countries are now signing treaties with their first enemies in the West, unaware that altering or selling part of oneself in order to get peace and protection has always been a mistake not to say a disaster; as the experience of the Jewish community in the first half of the twentieth century in France teaches us. To the same extent, economic prosperity and influence have, also, never been efficient ramparts against military invasions. Few people in the west and fewer people in the Middle East understand that what we call the Arab Spring is just another 9/11 that will end up here again with the colonization of new territories.

A new bill was passed in France last week, making it liable to a prison sentence the denial of any genocide. This new law is without doubt targeting what France, among other countries, considers as a form of genocide perpetrated by the Turks in 1915 against the Armenian people. Once again, the witch apprentice seems to ignore his own committed genocides and crimes, when in an attempt to substitute himself to god, he purposely created a new “race”, selecting and mixing blacks, whites and Native Americans into one man for more profitability (http://www.courrierinternational.com/article/2011/12/26/les-crimes-coloniaux-etaient-un-genocide). He, now, dares come and tell the rest of humanity about what should be, and he goes into raptures over the athletic performances of the “new human race” he created. The year 2012 will for sure not be any better; unless for once the world opens its eyes and every one of us puts light on the lies.

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