13th of November: When the chickens come home to roost; and then, and then …..

This week on Wednesday, I will for the first time ever buy that satirical newspaper many of my French counterparts despise. Not that I have been finally convinced by Charlie Hebdo and its philosophy and conception of freedom of expression; but, I just find it interesting to analyse how talented the Charlie Hebdo team is when it comes to make fun and mock the death of hundreds of innocent French people as they did it three weeks ago after the crash of the Russian aircraft over Egypt.  The shooting spree that took place in three different districts of Paris two days ago has already been qualified by some as a crime against humanity – forgetting that the same kind of atrocities committed by the same terrorists on other nations were never given such qualification. Is it that the humanity of some nations is more valuable than that of others? Here is one of the questions I have started to ask myself these last 48 hours; since I heard the first comments on what happened in Paris during that evening of the 13th of November2005. 

Shakespeare himself could not have imagined better scenario; with the head of State enjoying himself at a football match, while his people in the capital city of the country was bluntly being massacred by those he once financed and supported against a foreign regime. “El Nosra …. (the armed branch of the Islamic State) is doing a good job” in Syria was saying the French foreign minister, two years earlier. <http://24heuresactu.com/2015/08/20/fabius-le-front-al-nosra-fait-du-bon-boulot/> There is no doubt that he was right in the matter. These terrorist groups excel when it comes to taking the life of innocent people. It however seems this time that their U-turn might be a story of a different taste to the French.

Al hamdulilay (thanks God)! No one of those I know in France are to be counted among the victims, so far. My legitimacy to openly speak of the horror that is striking France ten months after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015, comes from the fact that I am of those who have always warned and denounced these groups who in Libya, Syria and Mali, with the help of Western governments, fought against their own governments; ignoring that they were in fact conforming themselves to Western Imperialists’ agenda of divide and conquer, or re-colonise.

The mistake and responsibility of our French government relies on the fact that discriminated against sons of immigrants were obviously helped during the first years of the Syrian conflict to join any group fighting against President Bachar Assad. These youngsters were often the French authorities’ first contacts on the battle field, enabling the providing of weapons to the opposition. They were given weapons and money to achieve their objectives against information on their location and whatever was going on, on the battle field. It is, therefore, not at all surprising to see today these same youngsters coming back home to the roost and display through their barbaric acts all the knowledge and skills they have acquired through these experiences in Libya, Syria or even in Mali. Many have indeed the feeling of having been used and betrayed by the French Secret Services who once supported them, and which is now bombing them in Syria with the French army and aviation. 

It is, as I already mentioned it in my book –L’intégration de la culture Musulmane en Grande-Bretagne, des principes à la réalité (2011)-, high time that we all understood that good social cohesion and peace at home in the West, now implies more responsibility and honesty in terms of foreign policy.

And now to finish, I will make it more complicated. I ask myself: What if the Russian aircraft crash was a terrorist attack carried out with the help and technological support of some Western powers in order to harm Russia? What if, again, the Paris shooting was just a terrorist attack that had benefitted from the SVR RF secret service information as a retaliation for the Russian aircraft crash?

Welcome World War III!

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